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Expert Consultations

Servicing Auto, Workers’ Comp and General Liability

When The Expertise You Need isn’t Medical in Nature

Imedview understands that early intervention and obtaining an expert opinion in non-medical situations, can be key in the assessment of a case. Expert Consultants provide an external opinion based on the needs of a claim. Sometimes these consultations can be face-to-face with a claimant or require physically visiting the site of the alleged accident or incident. Imedview has an expert panel of professionals and specialists throughout the nation, which span across multiple fields, and they are still actively practicing in their area of study.

Imedview’s non-medical experts on panel include but are not limited to:

  • vocational rehabilitation counselors,
  • life care planners
  • accident reconstruction specialists,
  • mold experts,
  • engineers,
  • site safety experts,
  • environmental scientists, and
  • various other lesser-known specialties

In our ever-evolving industry, Imedview actively recruits additional specialties to meet the needs of every claim and are happy to work with our clients to satisfy those specificities on a case by case scenario.

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“The customer service at Imedview is exceptional. I have had nothing but positive experiences with all of the representatives of this company. In my opinion, this is what really makes this company stand out from its competitors.” – Partner, Gallo Vitucci Klar LLP

Our Process

  • Expert Selection
    All we need is a legal foundation document detailing out the specifics of a case to get started (ie: Bill of Particulars, Answer to Interrogatories, etc.). This can be accomplished by submitting the request through our Viewpoint portal, directly, or via email or postal mail. Once received, one of our IME Coordinators will forward CV’s and fees for your review.
  • Scheduling
    Once an expert is selected, our IME Dept will coordinate the service needed, based on the specialty chosen (consultation, site inspection, record analysis, etc). If the service requires a face-to-face appointment, our processes mimic those of an IME (see IME Services for details).  If the service requested requires a record analysis or site inspection (ie: Actuary, Economist, Engineer, etc) we will notify the client when the Expert has been retained and the service is ready to commence.
  • Handling Distribution of Medical Records
    Whether our clients require a medical or non-medical service, most cases require an exchange of records. Our IME Coordinators will do routine follow-ups leading up to the service to ensure that your file on the claimant is received. Once obtained, we then pass the file on to our Medical Record Analysts (MRAs) for preparation for our panel of Physicians and Experts.
  • Post Expert Consultation
    Once we confirm a service has commenced, we will notify you and turn the case over to our Reports Department for further follow-up to ensure a timely and appropriate report is produced.