Record/Peer Review

Servicing Auto, Workers’ Comp and General Liability


Imedview provides comprehensive Record/Peer Reviews when an IME has not been authorized, or in some cases, to determine if an IME is necessary.

A Record/Peer Review from an independent medical professional who has relevant work experience to the type of case takes an in-depth look at existing information and provides an unbiased opinion on the appropriateness of care, medical necessity, and other related issues.

These types of reviews can be utilized earlier on in litigation if the natural progression of a case has not reached a court order to have the plaintiff examined.

While working in collaboration with the independent medical professional and clients, Imedview collects all medical records, addresses any relevant issues, and our expert physicians prepare all reports, and which all can be viewed in Imedview’s proprietary portal, Viewpoint.

With a Peer Review, you can get cost-effective expert opinion (s) while understanding the complete scope of the claim. 

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“This is the only company of its kind that I know of with a serious educational component.” – Hip and Knee Specialist


Similar to that of our IMEs and Expert Consultations, our IME team will aid in the proper designation of your expert.  Upon selection, our team will request that the materials needing to be reviewed be uploaded directly to our portal, Viewpoint.  Although this is our most efficient and preferred method of receipt we are equipped to receive hard copy records via postal mail and through various other electronic transfers, as long as reasonable safeguards are put into place.  Imedview, Inc. is a HIPAA compliant company.

How this process works

  • Assignment of Medical Record Analyst (MRA)
    A member of our team will be assigned to your case
  • Case Review
    A detailed review of the entire case file will be conducted
  • Compilation Begins
    Records are sorted, organized, and indexed for the reviewing expert according to their preferences and/or requirements
  • File Distribution to Expert(s)
    This is done to the Expert’s preference, two weeks in advance of any telephone conversations that may be scheduled