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Record Retrievals

Discovery starts with Retrieval

Early intervention and investigation are an absolute necessity when trying to obtain the pertinent information for all insurance-related claims. One of the first steps in this process is retrieving valuable records.

Imedview has the ability to extend our services to conduct a preliminary medical investigation, also known as medical canvassing, to assist our clients uncover information that could otherwise be withheld thus minimizing the possibility of undisclosed medical treatments.  Once that information is gathered, Imedview will provide those findings to our clients so that they can obtain the necessary executed authorizations to pursue pertinent medical records.

Once those authorizations are obtained, Imedview has a full-service HIPAA authorization processing staff, experienced in all matters concerning record retrieval. We can issue requests for records on your behalf, process and pay invoices, conduct diligent follow ups with various facilities, and maintain all copies for future reference or use.

Types of Retrievals

  • Standard HIPAA Medical Record Requests
  • FDNY/Ambulance Call Reports
  • Insurance Carrier Claim Records
  • Employment & School Records
  • Non-privileged Legal Files
  • SSA and Government/Municipal records
  • Retirement and Union Records

medical records

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“The retrievals team is always responsive and extremely helpful. If something is unclear or if further follow ups with providers are needed, the retrievals team is ready and willing to help. Having their support in the retrievals process makes handling our vast amount of requests that much easier.”– Paralegal, Top NYC and Westchester Defense Firm