Discovery starts with Retrieval

Early intervention and investigation are an absolute necessity when trying to obtain the pertinent information for all insurance-related claims. The first step in this process is retrieving valuable records.

Imedview has a full-service HIPAA authorization processing staff, experienced in all matters concerning record retrieval. We can issue requests for records on your behalf, process and pay invoices, follow up with various facilities, and maintain all copies for future reference or use.

Types of Retrievals

  • Standard HIPAA Medical Record Requests
  • FDNY/Ambulance Call Reports
  • Employment & School Records
  • Non-privileged legal files
  • SSA and Government/Municipal records
  • Retirement and union records

medical records


“The retrievals team is always responsive and extremely helpful. If something is unclear or if further follow ups with providers are needed, the retrievals team is ready and willing to help. Having their support in the retrievals process makes handling our vast amount of requests that much easier.”– Paralegal, Top NYC and Westchester Defense Firm

How it works

  • How to begin
    All we need is a signed HIPAA compliant authorization form. This can be accomplished by submitting the request to our
    Viewpoint portal directly, via email, or postal mail. Once obtained, we will process immediately and perform a series of follow-ups until the records are obtained.
  • Delivery
    All records will be uploaded to our customized portal,
    Viewpoint, for unlimited access, 24/7. Should you need a hard copy, that is also available upon request. Radiology studies are typically retrieved on a CD, unless otherwise requested. We will always duplicate and store a copy should you need them in the future. Imedview also has the ability to offer radiology, digitally, for those of our clients that prefer to do everything electronically.
  • Rejections/No Records on File
    Whenever we run into a situation where records cannot be produced, we will request that the facility
    indicate such on one of our personalized forms. We will notify you when this happens and tailor our efforts according to your preferences.

Working with Imedview for your record retrieval needs frees up your staff for other tasks while our highly qualified representatives ensure that you receive the records that you need as quickly as possible.

Imedview will also retain those records, on your behalf, and be able to assemble and forward them, with ease, should the need for IMEs arise.

Imedview charges a low, flat fee for each retrieval service in addition to a page count fee dictated by the facility and local law.  Contact us today for a copy of our complete rate sheet or to speak with one of our associates.