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Record Retrievals

Quick. Easy. Secure.

Imedview understands that time is of the essence. With over a decade of experience in the document retrieval sector, we have designed our workflow to be efficient and effective. Our knowledge base combined with our software technology has allowed us to join some of the industry’s leaders and surpass our clients’ expectations. We proudly serve law firms and insurance carriers, tailoring our efforts to the needs of both entities.
Let our team remove the administrative and clerical burden of the record retrieval process so you can focus on investigating and/or litigating the claim in question.

Types of Retrievals

  • Standard HIPAA Medical Record Requests
  • Subpoenas
  • FDNY/Ambulance Call Reports
  • Insurance Carrier Claim Records
  • Employment & School Records
  • Non-privileged Legal Files
  • SSA and Government/Municipal records
  • Retirement and Union Records


Workflow & Features

  • Submit your request through Viewpoint, our online portal
  • Our team vets and processes each authorization
  • Frequent and diligent follow-ups are performed to ensure the request is progressing
  • Real-time status available 24/7 through Viewpoint
  • Notification when records become available
  • Upload/download records securely

medical records

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In addition to record retrievals, Imedview has the ability to extend our services to conducting preliminary medical investigations, also known as medical canvassing. This service is designed to assist our clients uncover information that could otherwise be withheld thus minimizing the possibility of undisclosed medical treatments.