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In 1980, Melchin & Company was created as a small private employment agency, which specialized in vocational rehabilitation. Medical evaluations were conducted for clients in an effort to assist them in gaining suitable employment. Ultimately, the firm’s expertise in this field gave rise to a steady expansion of services, capabilities, and markets and significant corporate growth.

In 2001 Imedview, Inc. was incorporated and, over time, has developed into a company that offers an expansive array of premium services, including Independent Medical Examinations, Expert Consultations, Record/Peer Reviews, Radiology Reviews, Credentialing of Physicians, Record Retrievals & Document Management.

In 2020, Viewpoint, Imedview’s own proprietary software, launched for use by clients so as to streamline work efforts. In a day and age when technology is the way of the world, it is important to prioritize this project and keep up with the demands of the industry. HIPAA compliance, software integration availability, efficiency, and on-demand information are but a few of the many reasons Imedview created this platform and it’s only one of the many strides we will continue to make to meet the needs of our clients.

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Imedview has innovated and pioneered the IME industry, making us a leader in our field

Why Imedview

  • We are a fine-tuned operation with customer service as our main priority
  • Our clients will receive the time and attention they need and deserve
  • You will always get a person on the phone, we do not believe in automated lines
  • We can issue payments/retainers at the time of request for experts
  • Our panel is thoroughly vetted and re-credentialed every 6-12 month

Our goal: to reduce cycle time, provide cost savings, and become a valued partner.


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“Imedview is the benchmark! Records are organized and relevant. Communication is professional. Scheduling is on-point. Best in the industry…” – Physician

Expert Recruitment and Management

Pulling expertise from professionals and specialists throughout the nation, our panel of experts span across multiple fields, and they are still actively practicing in their area of study. Encompassing not only medical fields of expertise, Imedview also has non-medical experts available to service your claim.

If our panel of experts does not fulfill the unique request, our Team will immediately locate and credential a specialist in an effort to match your needs. All new experts must go through our credentialing process to ensure credibility and reliability. A more in-depth look of our requirements is detailed below.


  • Board Certified in their Specialty
  • Hold a valid, unrestricted license in their area of expertise
  • Actively practicing to the fullest extent of their license
  • Able to comply with turnaround requirements
  • Willing to testify in court


If at any time Imedview is notified of possible misconduct by one of our panelists, an internal investigation will be launched. Should the behavior of the Expert be found to jeopardize our client, our company or any party affiliated with the service rendered by the Expert, immediate termination will be exercised and the appropriate persons will be notified.

Join Our Expert Panel

We only work with the best! Over the last 20 years, Imedview has established, fostered and nurtured long-standing professional relationships with our Experts. We take the time to properly credential and get to know our Experts to ensure they are a good fit for our panel and our clients. Servicing only General Liability claims, it’s important that our Experts are of a certain caliber to service an Industry such as ours. Our Experts must be Board Certified, have an active license in their area of expertise, as well as actively practice. For more information, please contact us at: