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Servicing Auto, Workers’ Comp and General Liability

How is an IME beneficial to your claim(s)?

Imedview’s network of fully credentialed and board-certified health care professionals provide comprehensive, detailed, and well-documented medical reviews and independent medical examinations (IME) that are needed to dispute or clarify a cause where liability is an issue.

These physician examiners provide an expert opinion on the validity of a diagnosis, help answer specific legal or administration questions, and supply an objective medical evaluation for a specific case.

While working in collaboration with the independent medical professional and clients, Imedview collects all medical records, addresses any relevant issues with the designated expert, and ensures a timely report is produced.

From start to finish, Imedview can assist in resolving a claim in a timely and efficient manner, with quality-assurance and great customer care.

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“Brett and his team do a great job and are very responsive. Highly recommend.”– Partner, Marks, O’Neill, O’Brien, Doherty & Kelly, PC


  • Physician Selection
    All we need is a legal foundation document detailing out the specifics of a case to get started (ie: Bill of Particulars, Answer to Interrogatories, etc.) This can be accomplished by submitting the request to our Viewpoint portal directly, via email, or postal mail. Once received, one of our IME Coordinators will forward CV’s and fees for your review.
  • Scheduling
    Once an expert has been designated, our staff will contact the appropriate office for next availability.  Every experts schedule is different so depending on the dates offered, there may be additional correspondence with our clients in choosing a date that suits the timeline needed.
  • Submitting Notifications
    Upon securement of appointment, our Coordinators will submit appointment notifications to all necessary parties (Defense & Plaintiff’s Counsel).  These can also be viewed in Imedview’s proprietary portal, Viewpoint.
  • Confirmation Calls
    24 hours after a notification is issued our IME Team will contact plaintiff’s counsel to confirm receipt.  Another confirmation call will be placed 48 business hours in advance of an IME to ensure attendance is expected and then finally another confirmation call will be placed to the expert the day after the examination to confirm attendance.
  • Handling Distribution of Medical Records
    Once an IME has been scheduled, our Team will work with your office in obtainment of records.  A Medical Record Analyst (MRA) will be assigned the file and assist in completing the preparation of records for the upcoming IME.  Once received, all records will be uploaded on the case level and can be viewed in Imedview’s proprietary portal, Viewpoint.
  • Coordination of Interpreters, Transportation, and/or Surveillance
    Should the IME require any of the additional services noted, Imedview has partnered up reputable vendors to aid in the successful completion of the examination.
  • Reports
    Upon confirmation of attendance, our Reports unit will follow up with the expert’s office to ensure a timely report is produced.  Please see below for a detailed rundown of the minimum requirements for every report produced by an expert on Imedview’s panel.

Imedview, Inc. provides some of the most thorough and comprehensive IME reports in the industry today. We are specifically tailored to liability cases and distinguished by the following:

  • We ensure that all experts on our panel submit their reports on letterhead and not reprinted forms, having each addressed as directed by the client
  • All patient information regarding the case, including claimant name, claim and file numbers, insured’s name, date of injury, will be noted on the final report
  • Medical records provided for review are annotated in every report as well as often being referenced in the narrative history they provide
  • Each report includes the assessment and findings, detailed by the expert, and if requested, answers and opinions to specific questions warranted by the case notes.
  • Finally, we certify every report concludes with the expert’s attestation and signature.